Switch to setup mode

To connect your rabbit on my server, you have to put your rabbit in configuration mode.

To do this, you must unplug it, push the button on his head, and connect it while holding the button. Once the lights are blue, you can release the button.

Connection to the rabbit wifi

Then you have to connect your computer to the wireless network that the rabbit has just created, named nabaztagXX (XX represents the last 2 digits of the MAC address of the rabbit).

Change server

Once connected to the wifi network of the rabbit, go on the configuration page :

You should have a page that looks like this:

First, we verify that the firmware of the rabbit is the good one, click on “Advanced configuration” and then going all the way down to find a table like the following:

The line “Firmware” must indicate

If this is not the case, you have to update the firmware.

Now we must put the name of the new server: openjabnab.fr/vl (or another if you wish) in the “Violet Platform”.

Finally, you just save, and your rabbit should restart itself and then connect to the server.



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