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I opened my server to the public for two main reasons:

  • Allow everyone to reconnect her rabbit
  • Carry out tests on a large scale openJabNab

This server is hosted on a server Kimsufi, and a cost of 60€ per month. If you want help, you can donate. There is no obligation of course, but some people wish to participate, I set up this link.

This server works only for rabbits V2, or Nabaztag: tag.

It is therefore not possible to connect a Nabaztag or first-generation, or a Karotz

Rabbit Connection

You must configure your rabbit to connect to the server.

New server:

careful not to have a space before or after the server name

Configuration rabbit and plugins

The plugin configuration is done on the admin interface:

There you will first create a user account. Then, once you are connected with your account, you must go on the “account” to associate your rabbit to your account. Finally, in the “bunny”, you will be able to configure the various plugins.

Things to know

The server is still under development, and is not yet completely stable. It can restart from time to time.


Number of connected rabbits:

Color distribution of breathing:



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